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Table of Contents

Foreword — Too Interconnected to Be Unravelled, by Keith Ellis

Preface — This Book Comes into Being

Introduction — Not One Iota, by Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada

  1. Historical/Political Context: From the Thirteen Colonies to the Early Obama Era
    • The Origins and Development of U.S. Democracy Promotion
    • U.S. Cuba Policy: 1783–1820s
    • Imperialism and Democracy in Cuba
    • Two Visions of Democracy: The U.S. vs. Fidel Castro
    • Brazil: Democracy, Libya, Selective History and the African-American President
    • Obama in Chile: Pinochet and Cuba
  1. Debate in Cuba Following Re-establishment of Diplomatic Relations, 2014–16
    • Where Are Cuba–U.S. Relations Heading?
    • Democracy and the Restoration of Cuba–U.S. Diplomatic Relations: Embassies in Havana and Washington on July 20, 2015
    • Cuba–U.S. Relations and Freedom of the Press
    • Cuba–U.S. Relations and the Perspicacity of Fidel Castro’s Thinking
    • What Obama Really Said about Cuba, Foreign Affairs and the U.S.
    • The White House National Security Agenda for Obama’s Visit to Cuba
    • Why Doesn’t Obama Use His Executive Power to Close Guantánamo Prison?
    • Obama’s Visit to Cuba and Human Rights
    • Obama in Cuba: Will the Visit Advance the U.S. Cultural War Against Cubans?
    • Obama in Cuba: How “Political Prisoners” Made the Media Headlines
    • Thoughts on Cuban Resistance to the U.S. Ideological/Political War
  1. Interviews with Five of Cuba’s Leading Experts on Cuba–U.S. Relations
    • Jesús Arboleya Cervera
    • Esteban Morales Domínguez
    • Elier Ramírez Cañedo
    • Iroel Sánchez Espinosa
    • Luis Toledo Sande
  1. Challenges for Cuba in 2017 and Beyond
    • Trump and Cuba
    • Does Pluralism Exist in Cuba?
    • From Tropical Hell to Trendy Hot Spot for Westerners
    • Cuba–Silicon Valley–Cuba: The Making of a Trojan Horse?
    • “Guantánamo Is Not on the Table”: U.S. Arrogance
    • U.S. Democracy Promotion in Cuba: As American as Apple Pie
    • U.S. Immigration Policy: As American as the American Dream
    • Cuban Participatory Democracy in 2016:
      • Where Were the Obama Administration and the U.S. Media?
    • The Communist Party as Leader vs. the People as Sovereign
    • Political Prisoners in Cuba: The List
    • Who Is Going to Win the Cultural War?
  1. The Blockade: From Obama to Trump
    • The Blockade: What Is Brewing?
    • The Blockade as Leverage
    • The Blockade, Cigars and Rum: The Loopholes
    • The Powerful Anti-Blockade Forces: What Will Trump Do?
    • Concluding Remarks on the Blockade: “Hunger,” Privilege and Democracy Promotion
  1. Fidel and the U.S.-Led Cultural Blitzkrieg on “Dictatorship”
    • What Is the Purpose?
    • Is This What Dictatorship Looks Like?
    • The Avatars
    • Fidel’s Passing Has Vitalized the Revolution
    • The Jury Is Still Out: What Will the Cuban People’s Verdict Be?



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