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Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York

March 6, 2018


A special thanks for the invitation and hosting goes to the Skidmore College INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Program Director Professor Aiwu Zhao, to Assistant Professor of Management & Business Mahesh Shankar and to Ela Lepkowska-White, Professor Department of Management & Business.

International Affairs is an interdisciplinary major and minor program that stresses the importance of a broad-based international education and prepares students for careers or graduate study in the global arena. The major examines the relations between and among nation-states, regions, and other international actors as influenced by culture, history, politics, business, economics, and the environment.

Skidmore's International Affairs Program draws on the expertise of faculty from a broad array of academic disciplines. Approximately 70 faculty members from 22 academic departments and programs teach over 200 International Affairs designated courses. Over forty (40) IA courses are offered each semester.

International Affairs majors are encouraged to study abroad in order to learn about the world beyond the borders of the United States, recognize their own cultural biases, and develop skills to communicate with people from other cultures. Studying abroad enables students to gain foreign language proficiency and first-hand experience of the ways different political, economic, and social systems operate. The opportunity to live in another country for an extended period of time allows students to develop a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and an understanding of the physical environment in a different region of the world.

In addition to being anchored in the richness and variety of its course offerings, faculty scholarship, and study abroad opportunities, the International Affairs Program also stresses other related and reinforcing components: colloquia, faculty/student collaborative projects, guest lectures, study in Washington, D.C., internships, and cocurricular activities including the student International Affairs Club and the United Nations and European Union simulations of international negotiations.

After the pre-conference lunch and exchange with students Sarah Coker and another one from Ecuador, and Professors Aiwu Zhao and Mahesh Shankar, Ela Lepkowska-White, Professor of the Department of Management & Business introduces Arnold August to the full-house audience.
After a very lively question and answer period the author signed some books, and as pledged, signed a complimentary copy for student Matt Simkowitz, designer of the exceptionally attractive and original poster.
With the outgoing INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Director (at the end of the semester) Professor Aiwu Zhao on the left and on the right the incoming Director Professor: Mahesh Shankar. International Affairs bought eight copies of the book for its Faculty.

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