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The Ukraine-NATO-Russia Conflict

Articles and videos by Arnold August and other journalists, Government and Regional statements.

Unease at Université de Montréal: pro-Putin professor defends the Russian invasion
TV Radio-Canada, March 23, 2022. By Romain Schué
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Sanctions demanded against a pro-Russian professor
La Presse (Montreal), March 23, 2022. By Léa Carrier
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Two University of Montreal students have launched a petition against a long-time history professor over “shocking” comments he made on social media that supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Globe and Mail, Toronto, March 27, 2022. By Emerald Bensadoun
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Université de Montréal defends professor taking pro-Russian stance on Ukraine invasion
Montreal Gazette, March 24, 2022.
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War in Ukraine: young people are worried and disturbed by the conflict. Many are concerned about relatives and friends living in Ukraine
Journal de Montréal, March 28, 2022. By Laurent Lavoie
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Montreal Professor's Support of Russia's Ukraine Invasion Prompts Student Petition
News Week (USA), March 28, 2022. By Emma Mayer
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Dmytrivka, Ukraine. Ukranian soldiers execute captured and bound Russian army personnel
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